Our Cremation Safeguards

For families choosing cremation, it’s important for you to know we offer only the highest level of care for your loved one. Cremation allows for more choices than many families realize. We offer the widest range of service options and product options in the area. In addition, our Cremation Safeguards ensure peace of mind, when you need it most. Call today to talk with one of our caring staff at (207) 773-6511 .

We Oversee Every Step

When your loved one enters our care, you can rest assured that we oversee and manage every step of the process from dignified care and preparation of remains at our location to documenting every step of the cremation process.

Safeguarding Identity

Security is important to us. We place a unique identifi­cation band on your loved one at the moment your loved one is transferred to our care. This eliminates the possibility of any misidentification errors.

Our Unique Tracking System

We establish a chain of custody for every decedent we are caring for. Every person to be cremated is assigned an individual identi­fication number. This number is stamped onto a stainless steel identifi­cation disc. This number is used to track every phase of the cremation process and remains with the remains even after cremation.

Private Family Identification

Our staff will dress your loved one in the clothes provided by the family or a gown we provide. Then, every family is offered the opportunity for a private family goodbye. We offer this at no extra charge, allowing the family to positively identify him or her prior to cremation.

Verification Process

Our high standards require that two individuals will review all cremation paperwork prior to cremation. This is to ensure authorizations have been received and have been properly documented. Once all documentation is veri­fied, both staff members must sign the cremation report, prior to the cremation.

Our documentations record the name of your loved one, the date and time of the cremation, crematory operator’s name, as well as additional information regarding the cremation. Our custody document is dated and the start time is noted and initialed by our cremation technician before and after the cremation.

The crematory documents and stainless steel identifi­cation disc are placed on the outside of the cremation chamber during the cremation process.

After The Cremation

After the cremation is complete, the cremated remains are placed with the stainless steel identifi­cation disc into an urn you select. You will be presented with an official Certificate of Cremation when you receive the cremated remains that guarantees all the above steps have been followed.

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