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Uniquely Yours: Customizing Funeral and Cremation in Falmouth, ME

If you need to make plans for final services like funeral and cremation in Falmouth, ME, either for yourself or a loved one, here are some things to keep in the back of your mind. The person who is being cared for and honored is a unique individual with a meaningful impact and story. Because of this, it makes sense to personalize as much as possible to support the telling of this story and pay tribute to them. It is also vital to remember that the services can be a healing experience designed to be of value to the attendees who have come to mourn.

What Is Possible with Honoring Services Like Funeral and Cremation in Falmouth, ME?

So just what is possible? It might feel overwhelming to think about so many directions the services could take. Still, it can provide clarity about what will best serve these two purposes stated above--that of honoring the deceased well and supporting the family/friends in their grief. So let’s break down some of the possibilities:

Falmouth, ME Funeral Home And Cremations
  • Cremations: As a form of body disposition, cremations are growing in popularity and common practice. The body is burned in a secure chamber with cremation, and the resulting bone fragments are texturized into granules called ashes. These ashes are given to the closest relations for final placement in their chosen resting place.
  • Ash Scattering: One option for the ashes is to scatter them in a natural setting. It may be a formal cremation garden or a place where permits and permissions have been obtained. An event called an Ash Scattering is a service built around this day. Often the guest list is intimate but may include as many as desired. This service could be overseen by some type of funeral officiants, such as a funeral director. It can consist of any elements that are important to you, though most ash scattering services remain brief.
  • Funerals: This honoring ceremony may be formal and traditional with a viewing, burial procession, and service-connected reception. It could be far less formal and not include any of those other events too. Funerals are distinguished by the presence of the deceased individual’s remains at the service. Also, the body can be presented in an open or closed casket/shroud. Due to the time-sensitive nature of natural decomposition, the funeral is typically held as soon as it can reasonably be planned after the death date.
  • Celebrations of Life: These services are also sometimes called ‘memorial services.’ The events are generally scheduled after the deceased's body has been cared for via burial or cremation. There are heart-wrenching circumstances when a body is unavailable for a service because it is not able to be recovered from the place where the death occurred. This type of service can bring closure and commence healing for those who are suffering from this profound loss.
  • Burials: A way to care for deceased remains is burial. This can be done immediately--as soon as permits are in order. Conversely, it may wait until all funeral services or cremation services are complete.
  • Green Burials: This style of burial refers to the increasing practice of gentler forms of body disposition that have a less environmental impact than some of our modernized burial practices. For example, green burials may choose to forego embalming of the body and use completely biodegradable burial clothing (or none) and encasements like shrouds or caskets designed to help the body return to the earth in as realistic a timeline as possible.

As you may already be aware, many of these options can be paired together for a complete service package. It is even possible to combine both a funeral and cremation in Falmouth, ME, by first holding the funeral with all related services. Caskets can be rented in this circumstance. Then, after all of the funerary events that require the presence of the body are completed, the cremation procedure can be handled.

Why You Should Consider Pre-Arrangement of Your Services When Possible

Considering the many possibilities (and there are more than those listed here), you may realize that you prefer some over others. If so, putting your preferences in writing with a preneed funerary plan will help your family know exactly what it is that you are comfortable with. Having even the most basic designations set can help your loved ones who survive your death since they will automatically have fewer decisions to make. If you also choose to prepay for these services, you can support them further still.

Work with a Highly Rated, Personable Company for Your Death Care Needs

Understanding what a sensitive time and subject this is, please be assured that the experts at Conroy-Tully Walker Funeral Homes have only the best of intentions when helping you make plans for services around a funeral and cremation in Falmouth, ME. Please connect with a facility near you to get help from our compassionate, highly regarded professional teams.

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