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How Personalizing Funeral and Cremation in Westbrook, ME Can Create a Meaningful Service

When someone you love dies, one of the ways to support the needs of yourself and other bereaved relations is to have services such as a funeral and cremation in Westbrook, ME. Final arrangements may offer a meaningful space for closure and farewells as you pay your last respects to the deceased. This can be especially true when small details have been arranged to help the services feel personal, whether they be simple or elaborate events.

When you work with a qualified team of death care professionals, the work of finding ways to add these personalizing touches can be expertly delivered with compassion and tenderness. Creating an environment where expressions of mourning can be met and held is a gift that the funerary teams at Conroy-Tully Walker Funeral Homes work tirelessly to give to the families who walk through our doors.

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There Are Many Ways to Say Goodbye with Customized Funeral and Cremation in Westbrook, ME

There are virtually unlimited ways to design customizations to final service formats that already exist. In addition, you can combine different services as it makes sense for the needs of your specific circumstance. Here are just some of the standard service options that can be used as a vehicle to bring healing and comfort as you lay your loved one to rest.


One possible option for taking care of deceased remains is cremation. The body is reduced to the most basic elements through thorough burning in a secure chamber in cremation. The resulting fragments of hardened, dry bone left behind are collected and granularized into unrecognizable grains. These are called ashes. There is no reversal for the cremation process. All permits and required waiting periods will be followed to assure that there are no regrets for this procedure.

Ash Scattering: An ash scattering service is a beautiful service option if you have cremated your loved one’s remains. This is held out of doors at the place where you will lay your loved one to rest. Again, permits and permissions must be in place before the event to assure a positive experience. There are formal cremation gardens in some cemeteries, which are areas specifically set aside for the scattering of cremated ashen remains.

Celebrations of Life: Another fantastic option to hold post-cremation or after a burial is a memorial or celebration of life service. This style of service is held without the casketed remains present. This makes it possible to hold these services at a later time than a funeral. Celebrations of life focus on the beautiful life and legacy left by the departed individual. The celebration could be themed around a passion or hobby of the deceased and may be pretty informal if desired.

Funerals: An honoring ceremony/event that is held with the deceased body in attendance is a funeral. The body may or may not be displayed for public viewing as part of funerary services. Since the body is an integral part of the event, it is usually held within a reasonably short time after death has occurred. This means of laying your loved one to rest can be very cathartic for those who are deeply mourning this loss. The funeral tends to bring a sense of closure, leading to easier acceptance of this change in reality.

Burials: Services centered around the burial of a deceased person can be held as a public event, or it may be more private and intimate. The burial could be attached to funeral services or could be held after cremation has taken place. There are options for caskets and ashes to be buried above and below ground in many cemeteries and memorial parks.

Green Burials: If you are looking for more natural options to have your loved one return to the earth, consider green burial solutions. There are an increasing number of certified green burial establishments throughout the country. Many requirements must be met to be buried here to ensure the establishment can keep its certification. Even in a mainstream cemetery, there may be ways you can make the burial process more eco-friendly, including avoiding embalming chemicals and avoiding all synthetic materials in clothing and casings.

Service-Connected Receptions: After services for both funeral and cremation in Westbrook, ME, it may be a support to your gathering to hold some type of service-connected reception. This can offer a place for mourners and supporters to meet together and express condolences and sympathies. Sharing memories and offering kind words can be such a meaningful gesture.

Finalize Your Plans with the Help of Compassionate and Competent Experts

As you make plans for final services needs like funeral and cremation in Westbrook, ME, reach out to the professional teams at Conroy-Tully Walker Funeral Homes. Here you will find compassion and competence to help you design meaningful and beautiful services for this impossibly hard goodbye.

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